...met on their first night at Muay Thai training in 2008. The Ironfist gym had long been a respected gym in the Muay Thai and Boxing scene in Brisbane. Ben and James went with a mutual friend to check the place out, but ended up jumping in for a free trial and were hooked instantly.

Ironfist would become a second home to the boys until its closure in 2014 (Ironfist has since re-opened). This prompted Ben and James to open up their own gym nearby in Logan to keep the close muay thai and boxing community together. The Fight Centre was born!

With world champions training under The Fight Centre (TFC) from the moment they opened, the gym had a strong foundation to build upon, and have continued to be a respected gym within the Brisbane Muay thai and Boxing community.

Ben and James had both experienced a huge transformation in their lives through boxing and muay thai. They went from not knowing their place in the world to feeling the full confidence that comes from learning boxing and muay thai. Allowing them to take on challenges faced in their everyday lives and also the confidence to protect themselves and loved ones if ever needed.

Now that TFC has made the transition to teaching muay thai and boxing online, Ben and James look forward to impacting a far greater number of people and giving them the same sense of security and confidence that so many of the TFC members experience!

James Jarvie...

Jarvie made the tough decision to retire early into his fight career due to multiple injuries. He sustained a broken forearm only 10 seconds into the first round of his final Muay Thai fight. Fortunately for Jarvie he was able to end his career with a win even with the broken arm.

Despite his retirement he still had a huge love for the sport and needed something more to fulfill his passion for achieving his goals, which quickly evolved to helping others achieve theirs. After opening up his own gym, he took on the role of teaching and coaching people of all ages. The Fight Centre had a strong fight team from the very beginning with Jarvie cornering his professional fighters as well as managing World Champions. 

Jarvie has always felt strongly about keeping the comradery alive in combat sports. After playing team sports for 15 years before turning to Muay Thai, he loved that an individual sport like Muay Thai could still keep a team culture. This is something he strives to keep strong within his own gym, as well as influencing and impacting the community for the better. 

Ben Johnston...



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The Remote Learning Journey Began In 2012

Long before the creation of The Fight Centre, head trainer Ben Johnston was travelling the world training in various countries including Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, Argentina, and Brazil.

During his travels, Ben began to realise the difficulties faced by many people living in remote areas when it came to learning Boxing and Martial Arts. He was sure there were many people that had heard of Muay Thai and Boxing, but never had been given the opportunity to learn.

After speaking of this to another traveller he met on his journey, the traveller gave Ben a notepad on their parting with the instructions, "I think you should write a book teaching people how to fight".

Ben started writing that same night and filled many pages with different drills, instructions, and techniques for a person to start their Muay Thai journey at home!

This notepad would go on to be 1 of 3 books that Ben would eventually write in an attempt to create a resource for people to learn Muay Thai and Boxing from home. None have been released to the public (yet) but would lay the solid foundation for what would become the TFC online revolution!

Fast Forward 8 years...

After returning home from travelling, Ben continued to compete as a fighter, and also started his career as a boxing and muay thai trainer, and would eventually open TFC with co-founder James.

TFC as a gym had gone on to create a powerful service for their members, building up state, national, and world champions, and thousands of happy members over the years.

It wasn't until a trip to the country side where Ben and James got thinking again about how the people who want to learn but have no access to a gym or facility in their area... What could TFC do to service these people?

There were talks of opening facilities in rural areas of Australia, but Ben and James had already experienced travelling to remote areas to teach boxing and muay thai, such as Papua New Guinea, and realised that the cost would be far too high to be sustainable, and controlling the coaching quality would prove very difficult.

...Enter COVID-19

With TFC shutting its doors 1 week before the forced closure of all Australian gyms and fitness facilities in March 2020 James, Ben, and the rest of the TFC team created an extensive online resource for all of their members to continue to progress while in the isolation of their home.

As the saying goes... When one door closes, another one opens. TFC had realised they had been given a great opportunity to finally put their energy into reaching people remotely. The classes they had built for the members of The Fight Centre were also perfectly suitable for other people looking to learn muay thai remotely.

With online courses that people can do at any time, and also live classes to get that feedback, and also coaches that communicate with their remote students, the method of learning muay thai and boxing online has been changed forever, for the better!